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The BioSync Resonator

The BioSync Resonator is a square wave resonator applied in natural healing methodologies

The Fact:

In the past decades electro stimulation, electro magnetic and square wave resonance therapy have shown to have very promising results in the application in the treatment of muscle spasms, pain relieve, cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other ailments and diseases.

With more of these devices on the market – some quite expensive – the consumer is confronted with many choices.

The Solution:

Instead of acquiring several devices such as dual electro magnetic rods, muscle vibratilators, pain relievers and Rife resonators in order to address the wide range of ailments that these devices can be used for, one can acquire only one instrument: the BioSync. The BioSync was developed to encompasses all these devices and more in one unit. It cost less than most of these single devices of which functions the BioSync can replicate anyway.

Introducing the BioSync

The BioSync is an electro therapeutically medical instrument that generates a wide range of electro magnetic resonant waves proven to be beneficial in the treatment of most ailments and health conditions. Because of its ability to generate frequencies from 0.01hz upward and not only a single or a small range of frequencies like most electro therapeutically devices, the BioSync encompasses several kinds of electro therapy. This makes it a wide spectrum electro functional device.

Not only does it generate those bio frequencies that are able to stimulate muscles, enhance blood circulation and provide more energy, but the BioSync also generates those frequencies being used in resonance therapy as prescribed by Dr. Royal Rife. The BioSync is thus not only a complete electro therapeutically device but also a complete Rife resonator as such. (A Rife resonator is a generic name for an electro therapeutically medical instrument that is able to generate those frequencies identified by Dr. Rife to destroy a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses and even cancerous cells. Regular sessions of resonance therapy is claimed to strengthen the body's immunity system against infective deceases).

Because of the emphasis of frequencies that combat infections in resonance therapy, the BioSync can be used to treat in a complementary manner a wide variety of illnesses caused by infections, especially by the Streptococci and Staphylococci bacteria.

The BioSync’s design and development were based on accumulated research data spanning many years. Not only did the designers and developers concentrate on the bio-resonance generation but also on the technological materials used in the generator. This broad front design approach forced them to give close attention to the user interfacing of the instrument as well. Making ease of use top priority.

The BioSync has the following features to make it one of the most versatile square wave generators:

1. It has 20 pre-set treatments to cover the whole spectrum of diseases. ailments and general health problems.
2. It is a full functional Rife-type resonator/generator.
3. It can generate bio-frequencies to stimulate specified organs.
4. It can be set to run on either positive or negative offset.

At a price of only R4 800 it is the most affordable resonator that can address all ailments and general health problems; including cancer, diabetes, chronic infections, circulatory problems, respiratory problems, sinusitis, wound healing and influenza.

Ailments and diseases that the Biosync can be applied to: ( Click here

The BioSync Resonator comes with a complete set of accessories and the necessary manuals and easy to understand instructions to enable the user to start applying it immediately.