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April 2013 Newsletter
Health News

An "ozonator" is a very affordable device that generates ozone right there in your house. If brushing teeth and maintaining good dental hygiene is important to you the you need an ozonator. If you are concerned about all the poison residue from pesticides on the fresh produce you bought then you need an ozonator. If you want the air that you breath at home or at the work place to be free of germs and eliminate the possibility of catching the flu this year then you need an ozonator.
Ozone is a natural gas that we breathe daily. It is created when oxygen (O2) molecules are split into two separate atoms by ultra violet radiation from the sun, lightning, and electric arcs. The freed atoms recombine in 3-atom groups to form cousins of oxygen: ozone (O3) The Ozonator is a device that generates ozone in the comfort of your home where you need it the most..

To read more about the Ozonator CLICK HERE

Winter is fast approaching and with the change of season comes the inevitable cold and flu virus. While some of us may be lucky enough to avoid it, others seem to get it every time the weather starts shifting.

HEALTH TIP 1: Eat the right food to build your immune systemTo help keep you healthy, here is a short list courtesy of Charles Ortlepp of some important, immune-boosting vitamins and minerals – along with the food types where they can be found:

Vitamin/Mineral: Main dietary sources:
Vitamin A Liver (all sources), giblets, some cheese, egg yolk, whole milk, butter.
Beta-carotene Orange, yellow, red and green vegetables and fruits.
Vitamin E Wheat germ, vegetable oil, certain nuts, fortified cereals, mayonnaise, margarine.
Selenium Poultry, meat, dairy, whole grains from selenium-rich soils.
Zinc Oysters, meat, fish, poultry, beans.
Vitamin C (of course) Sweet pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, tomatoes, asparagus, raw cabbage, spinach, and more.
B-vitamins are an essential part of any diet, and calcium and vitamin D are essential to build strong, healthy bones. The list goes on and on... Make sure you eat a balanced diet to obtain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining all of the basic bodily functions, including boosting the immune system.

HEALTH TIP 2: Let an ozonator run in your house every day for 30 minutes to kill all airborne germs. Ozone kills all germs on contact.Ozone detoxifies the body by breaking down toxins and heavy metals and helps build up healthy cells, tissues, organs and systems. In this way ozone helps the body to restore proper health leading to increased overall wellness and life quality

HEALTH TIP 3: If you do catch the cold or the flu use a Wave Resonator to kill the bugs in your body by simply vibrate them to pieces. CLICK HERE

"Toothbrushes can become heavily contaminated with oral micro organisms. Because most families store toothbrushes in a common storage place, airborne bacteria can move from toothbrush to toothbrush, passing opportunistic infections like periodontal disease and the common cold."
Still, no matter how much of a "germ freak" you may call yourself or how often you clean your bathroom and control the amount of sink germs that reach your toothbrush, unfortunately there is virtually no escaping toothbrush germs in the normal course of business. Even new toothbrushes aren't safe. A study published in the Journal of Oklahoma Dental Association found that 4 out of 5 (80%) brand new toothbrushes from one manufacturer were contaminated with germs right out of the box.
Think about it: you don't reuse the same piece of dental floss day in and day out. Now days floss is made from durable synthetic fibres, capable of being used more than once - yet none of us would think of reuse dental floss! What makes us think that the micro organisms that are collected on dental floss are so different from the particles accumulated on your toothbrush? Or is it that the toothbrush is much more expensive than a piece of floss so we just deal with the germs?
Instead of buying a new toothbrush each time you brush, as they are getting more and more expensive and some are contaminated anyway, why not sanitize your toothbrush and kill the germs? The problem with chemical disinfectants is simply that they are full of chemical. Chemicals that may kill some germs but the same chemicals may be carcinogenic and lead to other health problems.
The easiest and safest way is just to rinse your toothbrush before and after brushing in a glass of ozonized water. There is no harmful chemicals present as the ozone in the water eliminates the molecular structure of the chemicals. To read more on how easy it is to keep your toothbrush clean and you more healthy CLICK HERE.
*Also read the book: Why your Toothbrush may be killing you" by James Song.