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The HEALTHPAD (Rife Health Frequency Mat)

The Healthpad is the first succesful attempt to develop a portable antenna for use with a Rife Health resonator.

It has already been developed in 2003; Originally to use under a horse saddle to treat equine diseases. It was however found by farmer clients that the mat in conjunction with a frequency generator to be effective even against moulds in silos. Subsequent research shown that it can be applied to humans although it is not as effective as normal treatment with the hand electrodes. That is why it is better for adults to use the repeat function on their resonators to have at least 3 repeated treatments with the Healthpad in one treatment session. 

To read more about the Repeat Function, CLICK HERE: Functions on Resonators 

The Healthpad is therefore useful for those who needs a treatment while travelling or while sleeping.

The Rife Electro-magnetic Mat is an accessory to the Rife Health Resonator models to create radiant energy. It can also be described as an antenna. It’s antenna wiring is protected in a special material cover. One can either sit or lay on it. One however do not have to be in direct contact with the mat.

It radiates a healthy energy field in a vortex of about 1,5 meter around the mat. Because of this radiance it can be hanged in a room or placed on a table in a room to treat people or even animals in its vicinity. Ideally suited for creches, kennels and piggeries.

The mat is ideally suited to treat back pain and sport injuries.