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Owners of Wave Health resonators are invited to visit this page regularly to update frequencies. Although most of the frequencies to destroy pathogens stay the same, the frequencies to address the flu virus change about every 18 months because this kind of virus mutates continuously.

Please check first if your Rife Health instrument has not already a treatment for that specific health complaint before adding any new frequencies to your Wave Health resonator.

To find any other frequencies, please visit the

 “The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List”.                                                                                  

Please note that resonance therapy (and electro-therapy in general) is not a substitute for proper medical care, but as in so many reported cases, resonance therapy as a complementary therapy may just make the positive difference.

Frequencies that were recently discovered to be helpful with certain maladies or health problems are also published on this page.

(Frequencies are given in Hz, Duration 5 min/300 seconds each or as otherwise indicated.  

The latest Flu frequencies

(Set all frequencies for 5 min/300 sec duration).

512 Hz, 440 Hz, 683 Hz, 2005 Hz, 2016 Hz, 2048 Hz, 2072 Hz

Duration: 5 min each.

Protocol when experiencing flu symptoms::
1 Flu  treatment per day for 7 days.
1 Infections treatment every second day during the 7 day period.
1 Flu General (That is already preset on your Resonator) on those days when you are not treating with Infections

Experimental frequencies to treat Ebola.
Use also the "General Infections" frequencies.

In Hz: 169, 234, 239, 244, 479, 957,1195, 1914, 3828

Duration: 5 min each.

Experimental frequencies to treat MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)

In Hz: 9918, 9740, 4959, 4870, 2479.5, 2435, 1394.7, 1369.6, 1239.7, 1217.5, 774.8, 760.9, 619.9, 608.7, 464.9, 456.5, 309.9, 304.4, 155, 152.2

Duration: 3 min each

Rift Valley Fever

1 Hz , 14 Hz, 118 Hz, 251 Hz, 365 Hz

Duration: 3 min each.

Experimental Frequencies
Users of Wave Resonators can safely experiment with the following frequencies if the pre-set treatments on their units do not cover or do not obtain the required results.

Adrenal Function 1335 Hz

Blood Cell Production

  Normalize Red Blood Cell Production 1524 Hz

  Normalize White Blood Cell Production 1434 Hz

Blood Pressure 15 Hz

Normalize Endocrine System Function 537 Hz

Stimulate Immune System Function 835 Hz

Stimulate Colon Function 635 Hz

Stimulate Thyroid Function 763 Hz

Stimulate Pancreas Function 654 Hz

Liver Function 751 Hz

Kidney Function 625 Hz

Pituitary Function 635 Hz

Increased HGH Production [Pituitary] 645 Hz

Stimulate Pineal Function 662 Hz

Heart Function 696 Hz

Nervous System Function 764 Hz

Stimulate Normal Lymph System Function 676 Hz

Stimulate Increased Lymph System Circulation 15 Hz

Stimulate Normalized Blood Circulation 337 Hz

Stimulate Increased Blood Flow / Circulation 17 Hz

Stimulate the Reinforcement of DNA Integrity 528 Hz

Stimulate the Reinforcement of RNA Integrity 637 Hz

Stimulate Clarity of Thought / Mental Function 35 Hz

Reduce Chemical Sensitivity 440 Hz

Reduce Electrical Sensitivity 657 Hz

Stimulate the Normalization of Calcium Metabolism 328 Hz

Stimulate the Healing Of Nerves 2.0 Hz

Stimulate The Healing Of Bones 7.0 Hz

Stimulate the Healing Of Ligaments 9.7 Hz

Stimulate The Healing Of Muscles 13.5 Hz

Stimulate the healing of Capillaries 15.2 Hz

Reduce Swelling of Herneated Disc 25.4 Hz; 324 Hz, 15 Hz

Reduce Excess Fluid Retention in Joints & Tissues 24.3 Hz

Parkinson tremor, temporary relief – 6000 for 10 min, 130, 169

Parkinson’s disease

(Also use Chlamydia pneumoniae and see Nocardia asteroides freqs) -

693, 813, 1.1, 5000, 1131 (for 3 min), 33 Hz for 30 min

Herpes simplex I (experimental) – 467.8, 935.5, 1871, 3742, 7484

Thrush (use also Candida and see Stomatitis treatments) – 414, 465

Pain (Also look under name of condition causing pain) – 3000, 95, 666, 80