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The WavePro resonator

This is undeniably the world's most advanced resonator. This is the instrument for the serious practitioner and for those people who make no compromises tomaintain good health.

The WavePro is the first resonator with a touch screen. All functions are displayed with icons and editing is being done with a displayed qwerty keyboard on the screen. It also features an intensity knob on one of the hand electrodes, The intensity can also changed by just touching the screen.

All Rife and Hulda Clark lists are already pre-programmed on this instrument. It runs the appropriate square or sine wave for the specific frequency (No guessing: Everything is pre-selected). Edit on instrument Edit directly on the unit via a keyboard. (No computer assistance needed).

It is very easy to operate the WavePro. It has similar operating procedures to that of a smart phone.

This instrument has also a repeat function so that one can keep repeating the same treatment. This is especially suited for use with the frequency mat (An accessory).

It has easy to change rechargeable batteries but can also works on mains power. The batteries charges automatically when the instrument is connected to its power adaptor. This meanss complete mobility. By attaching it tothe frequency mt one can even have a treatmen while trvelling.

Price of R15 700 includes frequency mat and durable carrying case.