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The "Legitimacy" of resonators being applied in Resonance Therapy.

Careful for scams: Ask about the company's history and support network.

Be careful what other "Rife" manufacturers promise and claim. 

Be careful for the "look alike" resonators. The electronics of cheap electro-therapy instruments are placed in similar enclosures of that of the proven and trusted Rife Health's resonators to fool the unsuspecting customer. 

Just like so many medical pioneers before him Dr. Rife was ridiculed and even being prosecuted for trying to change the medical paradigm of curing with technology.

Although there is a large international network of resonance therapy enthusiasts and supporters of Dr. Rife's work, it is also a fact that there are organisations and people that are vehemently against the use of resonators or resonance therapy in general.

Some of these anti-Rife people are those who claim that they are pro-Rife technology, but that only they have the "secrets" of Dr. Rife's original research and only they manufacture the original instrument developed by Dr. Rife.

They see anyone that also manufactures resonators as the enemy and as "copy cats". This is a sad state of affairs as internationally true "Rifers" work together to advance resonance therapy and the effectiveness of resonators in general. A good example of this international co-operation is the Rife Forum


Before being bamboozled by unscrupulous "resonator" manufacturers, consider the following:

1. Would you really like to use an old (original) cell phone of 1992 if you can rather use the modern compact state of the art cell phones with ten times more functions than the original cell phone? In the same token will you prefer to use one of Dr. Rife's original valve resonators which were as big as a fridge and could only generate a few frequencies, or would you prefer the safe electronically resonators which have several channels to store each ailment's set of frequencies?

2. Take note that a "resonator" is nothing else but a frequency generator that is applied in resonance therapy to generate a specific frequency that the therapist requires. Resonators are however, frequency generators that have been designed to be applicable in resonance therapy. While the common frequency generator would only be able to generate one frequency at a time, the custom made resonators, such as those available from Rife Health, can generate a whole sequence of frequencies. It will also have a dwelling mode to be applied in destroying parasites, a "sweep" function to destroy a wider variety of harmful organisms as well as a storing mode to store sets of frequencies. As it is just a modified frequency generator the question arises if one can classify it as a medical instrument - Especially as the medical fraternity do not recognise resonance therapy as a bona fide healing method. The same fraternity also rejected homeopathy until a few year ago, while they accepted the general use of vaccinations (The principle of homeopathy) to prevent certain diseases.

Please note that many medical practitioners are embracing resonance therapy as a complementary healing method in especially the treatment of cancer. No specific classification for a resonator per se does exist. There are however resonator manufacturers who register their instruments as TENS devices, which are pain relief instruments. Although a resonator is able to generate the same frequencies as a TENS device it does not generate electrical impulses such as the TENS device, but rather electromagnetic vibrations via a square wave. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and should be applied by self-adhesive electrodes placed directly on the skin. The human brain registers this stimulation and floods the area with Endorphins – the body’s natural pain relief system.

3. It is thus obvious why Rife Health decided NOT to register it's devices as TENS devices as it will be misleading and even fraudulent to obtain some "legality" from the Department of Health. Those resonator manufacturers that have opted for this route should not market their devices as resonators. On a second thought, they should not even market it as TENS devices because they are not even this. Even if Rife Health decide to go this unethical route the fact is that the Rife Health devices are each custom made and therefore do not require ISO 9001 quality standards.


4. Rife Health, however, had their instruments certified in Europe according to the following standardised international safety and quality specifications: 


EN 60601-1-2:2001 (Safety requirements for medical electrical systems)

EN 55011 (Scientific and Medical Radio-Frequency Equipment)

EN 61000-4-2 (Electrostatic Discharge)

EN 61000-4-3 (Electromagnetic field immunity test)

EN 61000-4-8 (Power Frequency Magnetic Fields)


All Rife Health's instruments' components carry the necessary internationally certified quality and specification marks. They have passed all their relevant tests and therefore complies with type BF safety requirements. They are safe for human and animal use and they are therefor not classified or registered as a radioactive medical device. They do not interfere with other electronic equipment.

5. Anybody, including any Government official, who makes any other claims regarding the legality of Rife Health's instruments is misinformed and may commit slander which is punishable under South African law.



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