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Identify a technical problem

Rife Health still repair, service and upgrades all its instruments since it imported the first one from the USA in 1999. So far Rife Health was even able to repair "Rife" instruments from other manufacturers as well to ensure that the user has a Rife instrument available even if it is from a competitor.

We have however found that most of the time with technical problems the owner can quickly rectify it self. Usually problems are with batteries that need to be replaced or charging cables or electrode cables that became faulty. Please look at the faultfinding steps below before reporting the fault:

Your Rife Wave Resonator is an expensive highly sophisticated and sensitive electronic device. Please treat it as such.
Keep it clean and dry. When not in use store preferably in a waterproof container. Keep liquids away from the device. Clean device, electrodes and cable regularly with a slightly moist soft cloth. Unplug all external power sources when cleaning. Don't get moisture into any openings. Only charge the rechargeable battery for 3 hours maximum. Although the accessories are easy to replace all over the world one must however replace accessories with ones of the same specification. See the correct specifications on the back page of this instruction booklet.

Please note that although there is a 2-year technical guarantee on the instrument there is no guarantee on the consumables such as the cables, hand electrodes, plugs, battery, and charger. Please check if everything is in good working order when delivered and contact your supplier within 48 hours after delivery to lodge a fault complaint so that any faulty component could immediately be repaired or replaced.

Wave Kompak Fault finding steps

Wave Pro and Practitioner fault finding steps

If you experience any technical difficulty please use the guide below to identify the model that you experience difficulty with and complete and submit the online form below:

If you want to repair or upgrade your Rife Health instrument use this form below and Rife Heath will contact you with a repair and/or upgrade quote. Please be very clear and specific in the "My Message" block how you need Rife Health to assist you:

Complete on-line fault report:

Identify the technical problem:
"No current is flowing":
1. First, check if the unit is switched on.
2. Check the power cord between mains and the unit.
The Wave 3 (Nos. 7 and 8) use a hi-fi figure 8 cord. The Wave Resonators (No 1) pre-2005 used a 12 volt charger/transformer. From 2005 to 2015, the Wave Resonators used a 15-volt charger, but a 12-volt charger will also work.
The new Waves (From 2016 upwards use a 5-volt charger).
Check if your unit charger is working.
3. On the pre-2015 Wave Resonators (See numbers 1, 2, 3, and 9), if the treatment is running and there is a "feeling" that no current is flowing, it may be that the device is set on "DC" instead of "AC."
4. A faulty cable (the one that runs from the instrument to the electrodes) may be faulty. Ask a hardware store or electrician to check with a current meter if the cables are working.
5. The Wave4​/Wave Kompak has a 'Cable Tester" as a free accessory, which you get in your Wave4 Kit. With this tester, one can test the cables. If the light on the tester goes on, it means a current is indeed flowing through the cables.
How to connect electrode cables.
Over the years, the electrode cables have had different plugs. They have holes so that one can stack/connect/extend another electrode cable, like when you connect a resonator to a Healthpad.
When a plug needs to be replaced, ask an electronic shop or even Builder's Warehouse for a banana plug.​

2. Identify your device:

The Product range since 1999:

The Wave 1 Resonator Plus (Introduced 2014) 
The 2014 model had a stronger case, a longer-life battery, repeat function, and 190 of the most important Rife therapy treatments.10 more frequency ranges could be added.

The Wave 1 Resonator also came with this keypad in 2015 and 2016 before it was replaced with the new Wave4 (No 12) in June 2016




The BodySync (No 4)
In the year 2000 Rife Health developed the Rife Immunity Booster that has only 8 treatments to offer a much more affordable Rife-type resonator to treat some specific ailments as specified by the customer. The Bodysync 8-channel was the clinic version of the the Rife Immunity Booster. The Bodysync has a steel casing. It was a big favourite among dentists which used it to treat abscesses, dental foci, otitis, gum diseases and mouth infections.

The BodySync Salveo (No 5)
2004 to 2015. This unit started with 12 treatments  but this was increased to 20 and then to 200.

The Wave 2 (The WaveSync) (No 6)
The WaveSync only operated with mains power.
It had 140 preset treatments. 10 more frequency ranges could be added. Because it has no battery it was considered more eco friendly. It was also very light and compact to travel with.

The Wave III 2013-2015 (No 7)
The Wave III is basically an upgrade of the Wave Resonator but with a new keypad layout and with a grouping function. This is not the so-called Plexus Resonator. 

The Wave III 2015-2017 (No 8)

The Wave Compact (No 10) 2012 -2014








The Wave Practitioner (Also called Tri~Wave) (No 11)

The new range of Waves since 2016

The Wave 4 Pulse (No 12) 2016 -2023

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The Wave5 Pro (No 14) 2017-2023
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The Wave Pro (No 15) 2024 -
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The Wave Practitioner (No 16) 2019 -
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