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The Ozonator

Ozone destroys bacteria and viruses as well as removing pathogens that causes bad odours.

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Ozone is naturally created in nature by lightning discharges during a thunder storm. Ozone can also be mechanically generated with an ozone generator.


Ozone (O3) is composed of three atoms of oxygen lightly bound together. One of those atoms can easily break away and form regular oxygen (O2) and a single oxygen atom (O1). Through oxidation, the single oxygen atom is capable of producing amazing healing results.


The Rife Health ozone generators can generate Ozonated Water, which can be consumed as often as desired. The effects of drinking ozonated water on a regular basis can be very healthy. People with serious disease conditions will notice more-pronounced effects in a shorter space of time than those who are in good health, but the benefits of ozonated water are realized by all who use it, whether you have a serious health concern or not. The ozone from the ozonated water passes into the bloodstream via the stomach/small intestines and provides the benefits of ozone without the need of expensive bathing ozone generator devices.


“The Rife Health Ozonator” can not only ozonates water but also clean air in a room. Most other portable ozone generators can just do one of the two. 


Thanks to its timer, one can set “The Ozonator” to run from 1 minute up  to 30 min:

5 min to ozonate a glass of water.

10 minutes to ozonate a jug of water.

20 minutes to ozonate a cup of olive oil (To apply to wounds) and 30 minutes to ozonate air in a room.


The Ozonator is ideally suited to ozonate water and purifies air as well as for ‘bagging” (Wound healing).


Please note that the Ozonator is completely safe as it automatically switches off when it has completed its cycle.

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