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Southern Cape:

Workshop on Natural Healing 

Saturday 24 November 2018

The Wilderness Hotel

R150 pp Refreshments included.

9:30 am to 1 pm

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Theme of Workshop: Natural Healing with Technology


Gerard (Gerrie) Smit: On Bodysonic scanning and resonance therapy.
Dr. Piet Boshoff on using Rife and ozone in practise.

Rife Health provides technology-based health devices such as electro-magnetic resonance and ozone generators that can be used in therapies to replace often dangerous medical treatments and ineffective medication.

Rife Health's devices are based on the principles of natural healing and they are completely safe and have no side effects.

Rife Health is in existence since 1999 and is one of the main global suppliers of "Rife" devices.  Quality devices and continuous after sales support are part of the deal to ensure that customers have not only a healthier outcome but also have peace of mind about the reliability and effectiveness of their devices. 

Rife Health's instruments are tested and the best on the market and offered at the lowest prices possible.

Are you suffering from any of one of the following ailments or diseases and can not find a cure or relieve from medicine?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic Pain 
Chronic Fatigue
Circulatory Problems
Gum diseases
Immune disorders
Lyme's disease
Muscle spasms
Respiratory problems
Skin Complaints
Solar Plexus problems
Sport injury recovering
Wound Healing problems

 Then you are at the right place:

The Rife Health resonator's have all the possible resonance therapy treatments stored in their devices. It includes the cancer cell destroying frequencies as discovered by Dr. Royal Rife and been reported on in the book "The Cancer Cure that Worked".

No investigating and experimenting needed anymore. Rife Health's devices are ready to use and loaded with the tested treatments that are effective (Most other Rife-type manufacturers have large lists of untested treatments from dubious sources on their devices). 

To read more on how resonators and ozonators can effectively treat cancer and other diseases:  



The Rife Health range of products. 

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Based on Swiss Technology

The Rife Health Wave Resonator range of

bio-frequency generators.

The latest Wave Resonator range.

Typical Swiss. Just like their pocket knives and wrist watches their new Wave Resonator range is compact, effective, practical and build to the highest quality standards. These instruments do not only generate the pathogen destroying frequencies but are also complete electro-therapy devices that can be applied to treat muscle spasms, depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, wound healing, migraines, diabetes and so many other ailments and health conditions in which electro-therapy can be applied to.

Health Analysis instruments


Health analysis devices based on Russian technology

The BodySonic MRA

The original. A non-linear magnetic resonance analyser.

A complete health analysing system that scans the whole body within 30 minutes for health anomalies.

R31 400. Bodysonic MRA

Instruments based on Korean technology

The BodySonic health analysis scanner.

This instrument scan the body within 2 minutes to determine the health status of the main organs. It also check for cholesterol, blood sugar and bone density during the 2 min scan. It then gives the user a complete health status report with specific suggestions on diet, mineral and vitamin intake. R12 000.

Instruments based on Swisstechnology

The Fscan 3 resonator and pathogen scanner.

The Fscan 3  is compact and light and can be taken anywhere. This state of the art scan and resonator device can scan the body within a minute for the presence of harmful pathogens. Not only can it scan for a whole range of pathogens including heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, fungi, moulds and even viruses, but it can also destroy those harmful pathogens by generating those pathogens's matching sympathetic resonance waves.

It is the ideal health instrument for people traveling in health hazardous areas or for someone that needs to regularly monitor their pathogen infection status.

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Ozonators based on South African technology


The Rife Health Ozonator


The Beamer "Healthpad"

An accessory to the resonators.


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This site has information about the famous and trusted Rife Wave Resonators and the Ozonator that are distributed by Rife Health.

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Rife Health's resonators are based on the research done by Dr. Hulda Clark (See her book "The Cure of all diseases") as well as the research by Dr. Royal Rife and Dr. Lahovsky

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What if?

What if one can cure most ailments and diseases with something that has no side-effects and is more effective than most surgical procedures and pharmaceutical drugs.

That “something” is one’s own body. The human body has a fantastic immune system in place to ward of ailments and diseases.

In the last 100 years because of a tremendous strain on the body’s immune system caused by poisonous food, poisonous water, poisonous air and worst of all toxic medicine, the body can not cope to fend for itself. Pharmaceutical companies appeared to come with solutions, but they have just worsened the situation. Because of over subscribed anti-biotics by ignorant medical practitioners (Those people we trusted our health with), our bodies have hardly any defense against the new super viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Greedy industrialists not only poisoned us with polluted air, but food manufacturers in turn add dangerous and many times carcinogenic ingredients to enhance flavour, colour food to a more “acceptable’ appearance and to preserve food in unnatural ways. Not only are we fed toxic food but our food is depleted from healthy vitamins and minerals. It became the norm to drink on a daily basis a handful of pills that contain minerals, vitamins and other nutritional supplements as our food can not provide us with our basic nutritional needs anymore.

Because of this crime to mankind, diseases and ailments have quadrupled in the last few decades. The statistics of cancer in the year 1900 was about one person out of every 2000. A 100 years later and the statistics in the Western (Polluted) societies is that 1 out of 10 people have cancer.

We live in a wonderful technology age which should actually have ensured us with good health. The opposite is unfortunately true. We live in an age of Aids, a TB pandemic and new diseases like multiple sclerosis, motion neuron disease and fibromyalgia while autism and hyperactivity are more and more prevalent among our children.

Not only do we have an explosion of ill health because of dangerous industrialisation practices, but people are also put under more severe stressful situations. Some times even ill health caused more trauma to our neurological systems. More stress causes hormonal imbalances that further breaks down our fragile immune system.

Ill health should not be rife in this technology advanced era, but we should all experience good health. “Good health should be rife”.



In 1999 an international company was formed to source good health technology to enhance natural health and even to cure diseases. That company is Rife Health. Since 1999 the founder of Rife Health, Gerard Smit has travelled all over the world to find health solutions that have no side effects. Gerard found that because of international sanctions in the Cold War, the Soviet Union was forced to go the safe technology healing route rather than the dangerous toxic pharmaceutical route of the Western world. In Switzerland and England there is a revival of natural healing and in the USA is there an underground culture of natural healing methods. In the USA natural healing methods and technology that can replace pharmaceuticals are ruthlessly being banned by the Food and Drug Association (FDA), The USA’s health watchdog.

For good health, one needs to eat healthy food, free from any unnatural or foreign ingredients. But to destroy pathogens you need to empower your BODY with Rife Health's technology to take control of your health again.


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